Monday, March 12, 2012

Andy Goldsworthy

A peak at our Andy Goldsworthy projects:

I cover him every three years, once when the kids are in primary grades and once when they are in secondary.  The primary kids stay on school grounds and we just use the rocks, gravel and twigs that we can find.  When they're older, we go down to the stream near our school to use the water, plants, rocks and cool landscape.  They beg for this every year, but I don't want them to tire of it. 
We take photos of everything and talk about 'letting go' of our art and leaving it to the environment to destroy.


  1. I am trying a similar thing this year for the first time in a 5th grade class. I have 6 cameras and am hoping to get the kids into teams to build and photograph their work. I like what your kids did with this - thanks for sharing your examples.

    1. Of course! You and your kids are going to love this art!