Sunday, March 11, 2012

Art is not for dum dums!

Art is not for dum dums!

This was a great project I created about line and movement that was a prequel to a painting lesson.  It was inspired by a Denver artist, Kym Bloom, whose work I saw while walking around on a First Friday.  She does many pieces with Dum Dums, and when I saw those I knew the kids needed to experiment with candy art!


  1. What fun! Did the kids work collaboratively? I'm thinking you had to buy a LOT of Dum Dums!

    Had to laugh. A few years ago a new principal who was not fitting well into the job was trying to be nice and give us all a treat for teacher appreciation day by putting lollipops in all our mailboxes. But they were Dum Dums, and it did not go over well! People thought perhaps there was a not-so-hidden message in there.

    1. Haha! I can imagine that would make for lots of jokes. How funny!
      The kids didn't work collaboratively. I just wrote home and asked for any donations and got TONS in. I had more than plenty to pull off 100 of these. They loved it!

  2. What a creative project to teach line and movement.
    I love it!