Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An email from a parent:

I hear a congratulations is coming your way! my kids told me about your apple award! congratulations!!!i hope you know my family just loves you as a teacher, and as a person. we're VERY happy to send our children to you. i just want to thank you and wish you some appreciation. i know teaching is challenging and my kids have had a tough year with me moving to afghanistan to work. they still love, and look forward to art class though! :) congratulations and thank you from a parent, coworker and an overall impressed guy :)

Another message (My blog posts to my facebook, and I wanted to share a message I received about my last post regarding cuts in art.  Love these encouraging families!  They fill my heart with joy and these notes mean so much to me.): 

We can’t even express how your class has positively impacted all our kids! You provide them with learning and creativity in a way that let’s them express themselves and grow so deeply!! We love the programs, teachers and administration at Pioneer and WILL stand along beside you as we fight to keep the high quality of education you provide!
Quite simply ~ YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

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