Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pack Painters

Meet the Pack Painters!
This group of kids have been working all school year to raise money for Emilie Gossiaux, an artist who lost her sight in an accident.  When they heard her story, a group of 5th graders approached me about raising money to help pay Emilie’s medical bills.  We have met every Tuesday to talk art and plan events.  During these events, students auction off their artwork (made on their own time) and the venue collects donations.  So far, we have raised about $1,000!  This is a huge amount for a group of inspired young students.  How cool that they created and run this group, all for the sake off someone else?


  1. Wow, what a great group of kids! I can imagine how proud you must be!

  2. Thanks! I really am. We have one more fundraiser before the year is over. When they go off to middle school next year, I am going to try to find a new group of philanthropists to continue the club.