Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Planet X Monoprints, 2nd grade.

This was SUCH a fun project!  The kids got really into it, especially the boys.
First, we learned about monoprinting and stamping.  We checked out examples from artists throughout history and then did some 'free' monoprinting, practicing how to paint on (add) and take away (subract), and they made some 'free' stamps out of foam and recycled mat board.  These practices went into a printmaking notebook they made along with a typed description of monoprinting and stamping.

Next, we learned about space by reading G is for Galaxy.  Everyone shared their knowledge of space as well as any questions.  We discussed the possibility that there could be a planet out there, planet x, that has not yet been discovered by astronomers and that they were to create that planet x with their printmaking techniques!

For their planet, they chose their colors, painted on magazines and used paper towels and q-tips to lift up areas.  Then they printed and cut them into a perfect circle.  Then, they used lids from around the art room to create 'mini-monoprints' on a black paper to create smaller planets for the background. They also created star stamps to stamp on the black paper, then glued down their planet x on top of everything.

For the finishing touches, we glazed with gel and went around the planets and stars with chalk for a glowing effect.

When all was done, the students filled out a worksheet describing the name of their planet, the inhabitants, atmosphere, climate and landscape.  This was their favorite part and the ideas were flowing like crazy!


  1. This is great! I'm always searching for new printmaking lessons- I will definitely have to try this! How did they make the stars?

    1. Thanks! It really got the imagination going, which makes any artwork a success! For the stars, we just drew them on foam from the dollar store (you can get 30 for $1, then cut them in half to double up on the quantity), cut them out and glued them down to mat board squares. It was really easy!

  2. Wow. I'm not sure I'm 100% understanding all the steps that you did, but the results are GORGEOUS. I'm challenged by printmaking so I'm always impressed when someone comes up with something really great, and this is definitely great!

  3. I have to laugh because I reread this and it is totally confusing! Hey, I'm better with pictures than I am with words!
    I find that I am printmaking challenged so I'm glad I found something that was successful and easy for the kids. Thanks for the kind words!